Challenges in network inventory reconciliation.

Aricent’s approach to next-generation network inventory reconciliation and its impact on major service providers. 

Proposed solution architecture for network inventory reconciliation transformer.

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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) invest a considerable amount of capital in network assets. Typically, asset management solutions are built in an integrated OSS/BSS environment, with the objective of reconciling inventory data in alignment with changes in field network assets. But these solutions fall short performing complete reconciliations because of high degree of network asset changes and complex service offerings. This paper discusses Aricent’s approach to automating network inventory reconciliation for CSPs looking to introduce LTE, Carrier WiFi/HetNet and SDN/NFV.

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A Whitepaper

Aricent’s Offering

Aricent’s Network Inventory Management offering enables service providers manage the ever-increasing complexity of emerging network technologies. The solution ensures data integrity across network and inventory systems by reconciling the differences effectively and efficiently.  It ensures OPEX savings through the combination of innovation and experience, while preparing for continuing evolution of networks and services. Our expertise in developing software frameworks and solution enablers, along with several years of experiences in successful OSS system integration provide us with a unique insight on how to reduce inventory costs and derive maximum value on the investments.

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