• The third wave of computing

The paper talks about how IoT will usher a new third wave of computing that will make connected devices ubiquitous and as pervasive as microprocessor are today.

  • The IoT ecosystem

The paper also describes how IoT is not a set of horizontal capabilities but a series of vertical market solutions. It also provides insights on the huge variety of components that can be leveraged to develop innovative and efficient IoT solutions.

  • Key capabilities of the products

‚ÄčThe paper deep dives into the various attributes and capabilities that are needed for developing successful products for the rapidly growing IoT market. It also talks about how a distributed architecture can be leveraged for successful IoT deployments.

What is in the Whitepaper?

Internet of Things is a disruptive innovation that will connect the internet with physical things such as sensors, consumer devices and other physical assets to create a connected ecosystem. Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize the way information is accessed, shared and used.
IoT is not only about ‘things’ or endpoints but the success of IoT will also depend on understanding the wider ecosystem it exists in. Implementing IoT will require a thorough understanding of the IoT ecosystem and the fundamental change in how products are designed, built and brought to market.
This whitepaper provides key insights on IoT and talks about how IoT will usher in a new era of computing that will make technology all-pervasive. The various aspects discussed in the paper include:

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Never Mind the IoT….Here Comes the Third Wave - A Whitepaper

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Never Mind the IoT….Here Comes the Third Wave

A Whitepaper

Aricent’s Offering

Aricent’s end-to-end portfolio of engineering services for IoT caters to multiple industry verticals including automotive, industrial automation, utilities, wearables and mobile and consumer electronics. Our IoT offerings portfolio includes software enablers such as IoT gateway - a middleware component, and IoT platform - a scalable hardware reference platform, which can be leveraged in various scenarios to accelerate development of innovative IoT solutions.

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